To finish a project on time and budget is an important goal. OUR contribution is our relentless effort to get your people home safely at the end of the day.


QUA-Vadis has a proven track record in project safety management. Our safety officers rely on long term experience in the construction world, in the chemical industry, in the ship building and repair industry, in the waste treatment industry, etc.

QUA-Vadis is specialized not only in the preparation of documents (safety plans, risk inventories, job risk analyses, etc), but also in safety management at project sites. Our safety officers are experienced in dealing with safety matters at nearly all kind of project sites.

Fire. An element older than men. Yet it remains a main danger in many industries.

Fire safety is second nature for us.


Being one of the first fire safety engineers in Holland, the founder of QUA-Vadis developed a system of fire safety evaluation for industry and household, which accurately demonstrate the strong and weak points in housing and industry. With the data collected by the evaluation system, households and industries can project their measures in order to prevent fire and explosion.
Together with the Fire Safety Training a complete set of fire prevention methods can be established by our clients.

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